Therefore, the DPI has extended the due date for submissions until 5pm, Monday 5 February 2018.

PLEASE note the extension was requested and granted primarily to allow the various stakeholders to prepare detailed submissions, including possible alternative methods of dealing with issues raised and also to enable as wide an audience as possible to be given the opportunity to be heard. HOWEVER, please note that it is important for individual submissions to be forwarded as soon as possible so that the extent of the public and breeder opposition to the proposed legislation is demonstrated as soon as possible and the pressure maintained

Emailing of documents

This will be for litter registrations, kitten registrations, memberships, prefix applications and companion kitten/cat registration but proof of payment must also be provided.  HOWEVER, please note that when emailing any documentation/form members MUST scan and email these to the office no photos of documents will be accepted as they are not legible.


Meeting for Information and Question & Answer Night for Dogs NSW Members has been called for Monday 18 December 2017 at the Dogs NSW Complex commencing at 7.30pm with various speakers
PLEASE note NSW CFA members are most welcome to attend but must contact Jessica at the office no later than 12 noon on Friday 15 December 2017 so Nos  can be provided to Dogs NSW
Dogs NSW welcome us as observers (no questions) and for NSW CFA to stand together with Dogs NSW as a united front. 
DUE to the shortness of time and to get this information to our members as quickly as possible we have used Dogs NSW links so thank Dogs NSW for their help:
*                    DPI has drafted changes to the Guidelines and Standards of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (POCTA) – It is important to note these changes can/will be actioned without Parliament Discussion let alone vote as they are a change to the standards written under the Regulation of 2012 and can be signed off by the Minister alone to take effect.
*                    DPI Draft is available here:-
*                    NSW CFA are in the process of drawing up a submissions which will be available shortly 
*                    Some of these changes will result in, but are not limited to, the following:-
  • ATO interpretation of whether or not your breeding practices are deemed to be a ‘Business’ – this is not listed in the draft Standards & Guidelines (S&G) but rather only on the Frequently Asked Question handout and as such, unless incorporated into the S&G will not be taken into consideration by inspectors of RSPCA, Animal Welfare and NSW Police.
  • Within 2 years, you will be required to hold at least a Certificate II in Animal Studies and comply with ongoing training including those who assist in feeding/watering etc.
  • Masses of extensive records and reports equivalent to that required of Pet Shops have been included in these S&G as this change will encompass all companion animals under the one onerous umbrella
  • The vast percentage of requirements under the proposed standards are taken direct from Pet Shop Standards, whether you bred one litter or more
  • Guarantees and Refunds is open ended and not in line with Consumer Law
  • All dogs and cats to be kept at above 15 degrees Celsius and under 30 degrees Celsius
  • Housing requirements are applicable for commercial situations
  • Document heavily leaning towards ‘commercial’ establishments and quite possibly these larger commercial breeders will be the only ones able to comply resulting in concerns of Legitimising puppy/kitten large commercial establishments
  • The end result will be completely against the original intent of the Breeding Codes of 2009
  • NSW CFA  representatives attended the Stakeholders meeting on Friday 1 December 2017 where Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) were distributed by the DPI and that document is available here:-
*                       Any member wishing to send an email directly to Minister Niall Blair can do so through the following website, but please be aware that these submissions need to be an impassioned statement with no aggression.
*                       It is imperative that you make yourself aware of the situation and contact your local member with your concerns either by appointment in person, letter, email etc. and a draft letter is available from the NSW CFA office;
Members please note - owing to the volume of printing and documents regarding this draft of changes to the Standards and Guidelines of POCTA, it is impossible for these to be posted and regrettably, you will need to source these through a library computer etc. to access.
Please note NSW CFA along with other Stakeholders, have been given the most minimal of time frames to work through these changes and at this point, the DPI have stated that they will receive submissions until the 22 December 2017. Owing to the time frame required for calling of a meeting of members of Dogs NSW, the earliest possibility date allowed has been that set for the 18 December 2017.