Companion Cats ~ Exhibition Standard.


Exhibits in this group may be of unknown ancestry, a mixed breed, part pedigreed or a pure bred desexed cat not able to be registered in the usual group.. They are judged to their own Standard, and not any other as applied to pedigreed breeds .All exhibits in this group shall be desexed.GENERAL. For the exhibit the most important consideration is its overall condition, well being and temperament. No specific type, colour and pattern, or coat length is applicable. Friendliness, physical condition and balance are the main essentials. The exhibit should be of pleasing appearance, clean and well groomed.APPEARANCE: All colours and combinations of colours and patterns are acceptable. The taste of the individual judge may vary in the determination of overall appeal..EYES: Eye size, shape and placement should suit the head. Any eye colour is acceptable. Emphasis may be placed on appealing/expressive eyes.TAIL: May be long, short, kinky or non-existent.COAT: May be of any length or texture - short and sleek, full and fluffy, any combination of those or somewhere in between.CONDITION: Good physical condition, neither overweight nor underweight. Muscle tone should be expected, but some allowance may be made for older cats. Coat must be clean, free from parasites and well groomed. It is expected that the exhibit has clean eyes, ears and nose..TEMPERAMENT: Alert, friendly, preferably affectionate and easy to handle. Allowance should be made for nervousness due to unfamiliarity with shows. Any signs of aggression are to be penalised.DEFINITION OF LONGHAIR OR SHORTHAIR:Where there is a question as to the proper class of any entry, the length of fur on the tail shall be the determining factor. If there is still some question, notice should be paid to such details as long ear and toe tufts.



Temperament - 35

Appearance/Appeal - 30

Condition & Presentation - 35

TOTAL: 100

FAULTS/PENALTIESWITHHOLD: No award to an exhibit that is obviously dirty, in poor condition or showing signs of aggression.No penalty shall be made for physical anomalies.

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