NSWCFA Code of Ethics.

Pursuant to rule 91 of the constitution the Management committee has amended the Code of Ethics effective 9 July 2013.  This amended Code of Ethics is set out in the following and takes effect from 11 November 2014. 
These guidelines are required to be upheld by all members of NSWCFA. Breaches of the Code may result in penalties according to the Constitution sections 19, 20 & 21.
A member will not be regarded as being in breach of the Code unless the breach is of a serious nature and has had, or is likely to have, a significant deleterious effect on a cat or kitten, or the member’s or the association’s reputation.
Please follow the link for the 2014 NSW CFA Code of Ethics

Social Media Policy And Guidelines Policy

Purpose This policy is designed to protect the interests of NSW Cat Fanciers Association Inc (NSW CFA), its employees, members and workers (including voluntary workers). To this end, when engaging in social media, NSW CFA expects all persons to consider that they are representatives of NSW CFA and to take responsibility for ensuring that any references to NSW CFA, its activities or its members, are accurate and comply with all of NSW CFA’s rules, procedures and codes of conduct.
Please follow the link for the 2017 NSW CFA Social Media Policy


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