Cancellation of Shows

NSWCFA recognises the impact of COVID19 may result in last minute schedule changes to 2020 shows and will support any changes needing to be made once the office is notified. We understand that cancelling shows is in the best interests of our members and their families, and in response to concerns being voiced by members. The situation going forward will be reviewed as further information comes to light.  We will keep you informed as quickly as we can with any changes or information  is assessed. 

CCCA Proposals to Breed Standards

Persian and Exotic Standards: 

- Reinstate the “blue-cream” and “lilac cream” categories - ie pastel shades of blue and cream or lilac and cream, softly intermingled to resemble shot silk

- Retain the current standards for blue tortoiseshell and lilac tortoiseshell

 If this change is accepted, kittens will be registered as either blue/lilac tortoiseshell OR blue-cream/ lilac cream. 

Selkirk Rex: 

Breeding Notes to be amended in relation to allowable outcrosses as follows: 

“Allowable Outcrosses: 

Persian/ Exotic for kittens born before 1 January 2021 and British Shorthair for kittens born before 1 January 2025 

We note that the current Breeding Notes do not put a time limit on the use of the above breeds as allowable outcrosses for Selkirk Rex We invite feedback on the above proposed changes and ask that you send any feedback to our Administrator by no later than 8 May 2020. 


We further advise of the following change, at CCCA level, to the Burmese standard: 

The Breeding Notes for the Burmese standard in relation to allowable outcrosses has been amended to include the following:  4th generation progeny from an approved Mandalay program that are genetically tested cbcb. may be used in a Burmese breeding program.

Announcement Regarding CoronaVirus

NSW Cat Fanciers Association Inc is aware of the Corona Virus pandemic which is causing serious consequences in daily lives and serious damage worldwide.
ATTENTION:  Affiliates, Judges, Exhibitors
Everyone who takes part in NSW Cat Fanciers Association Inc. are advised to frequently wash their hand with disinfectant, preferably provided by the Club conducting the event.  The usual interpersonal body contacts, such as shaking hands and any other superficial contact between competitors, exhibitors and Judges, must be avoided and should not be taken as an unfriendly attitude.
We ask our Affiliates to provide additional hand sanitisers which are to be placed around the show venue for use by everyone attending such event.
Our Insurance Broker has advised that no loss of income/cancellation expenses will be covered in respect of the Coronavirus for shows/events.
NSW CFA Judges are advised to disinfect their hands more frequently.
ATTENTION:  All Members
NSW Cat Fanciers Association Inc does not plan any general action related to the Corona Virus as the handling of the current situation strictly depends on the local status.  Nevertheless, NSW CFA wishes to draw attention to the fact that the local authorities have the right and responsibility to implement local regulations related to public events, whenever needed.
To avoid any inconvenient situations, NSW CFA recommends to check the updated respective news sources, via the following links:-
NSW Government Health Department:-
Australian Government Health Department:-
World Health Organisation:-https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019/advice-for-public