The NSW CFA is one of the largest and most active Feline Registering Bodies in the Southern Hemisphere with a professional administration office processing thousands of registrations each year. Our Affiliated Clubs ensure dozens of Championship Shows for members to showcase their breed.
The NSW CFA is a founding member of the Co-Ordinating Cat Council of Australia, one of the two umbrella national recommendatory bodies in Australia

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Looking for a Pedigree Breeder?

Our NSWCFA members who also breed pedigree cats are bound to abide by the Code of Ethics as well as NSW State legislation. This means your kitten will leave to its new home no earlier than 10 weeks of age and will be micro-chipped and vaccinated.

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Breed Spotlight

Norwegian Forest Cat

2012_20Japanese_20Bobtail_Trilian.jpgForest Cats can be found in the early tales of Norwegian folklore, where it is said that these cats were the family pets of the Vikings. In 1599 a Danish-born priest called Peter Friis, who was living in Norway

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Meet a NSW CFA Breeder

Benzots Bengals

My passion and focus at Benzots Bengals is to produce healthy, intelligent Bengals, with charismatic and confident personalities, as well as beauty

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Responsible Cat Ownership

Our Association promotes responsible pet ownership and all members are required to adhere to State legislation when homing their cats or kittens. It is important that cats are not overbred and that kittens born be selectively placed into caring, permanent homes.

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Come join us at the 2015 CCCA National Cat Show to be held in Sydney!

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CCCA National Cat Show 2015 Web Site

To facilitate enjoyment and promote responsible cat ownership