Group 2 Cat of the Year Scores.


Cat of the Year Progress 2017

Last updated 2017-03-22 13:43:03

Group 2

Cats NameBreedOwnerPoints
Male KittensPunchie Mr MoroOrientalM Baxter30
Desexed KittensSinopia ZoilaOrientalR & R Campbell60
Male CatsKaluamoa Awesome GemSiameseL & C Gallagher30
Female CatsAstraxalotte Moana GemSiameseL & C Gallagher24
Neuter CatsAstraxalotte Manako GemSiameseL & C Gallagher30
Spay CatsKalinya YD CarnieSiameseV Hurry24
 Siamjewel Amazing GraceOrientalD Carr17
 Carara Coco CristalleOrientalR & R Campbell16
 Tomadah JaidaSiameseJ Marshall-Jefferson10