Group 4 Cat of the Year Scores.


Cat of the Year Progress 2021

Last updated 2021-10-13 10:21:07 including Kempsey

Group 4

Cats NameBreedOwnerPoints
Desexed KittensMistyDomestic110
 Ned Tripod MillsDomesticC Mills30
Neuter CatsTonkaHouseholdL Audet60
 True BlueDomestic50
 SocratesDomesticP & J Fitzhenry46
 From Tears To CheersDomesticV Grayston30
Spay CatsDizzie LizzieDomesticL Thwaites97
 Chessie PeakHouseholdA Kathage60
 Dya Think Im SexyDomesticL Thwaites50
 CupcakeDomesticF Maloney48
 Tempest StormDomesticF Maloney37