Membership Information.

Membership Entitles you to:

  1. Exhibit cats at Shows run by NSW CFA or  its affiliates in NSW, and in other states of Australia,
  2. Register your own Cattery Prefix and any kittens you breed*
  3. Receive the Association's - "Catching Up" news. 
  4. Advertise your Cattery on the Association's successful web site or in Catching Up
  5. Be involved in promoting responsible cat ownership
  6. Attend and vote at the AGM and any special general meeting*
  7. Request to be a candidate to be appointed as a judge or steward (training is required)*.

You can apply to join the association by completing the Application for Membership of NSW CFA Form. Your application for membership must be proposed by a member of the association (such as the breeder from whom you purchased your cat) and must be accompanied by the appropriate fee, dependent on the type of membership (see below) and date of application (See Scale of Fees )

  1. Single/Dual (Full) Membership - the applicant shall be  at least 18 years of age and  reside in the State of New South Wales. Discounted fees for Single or Dual membership for pensioners are available (See Scale of Fees ), A photocopy of a current concession card must accompany applications for concession membership. 
  2. Junior Membership - for people who are aged between 12 years and under 18 years who reside in the State of New South Wales.
  3. Associate Membership - is available to persons over 18 years of age and who do not reside at an address situated in the State of New South Wales.