Cat of the Year

At every cat Show a "Top Five" is awarded to cats and kittens for Groups 1, 2 and 3 (Longhair, Shorthair and other Shorthair).

The scoring system awards points as follows:



These points accumulate from show to show, and by year's end the Cats and Kittens of the Year have been decided.

For the Cat of the Year Final Results, there shall be 5 awards made in each Group and Section. Only where there is a tie on total points for 5th place will an extra award be made.

For example, should 2 cats be tied on the same total points in 3rd place then there is no 4th place (as the 2 tied cats actually occupy the 3rd and 4th places), and the next placed cat in that section shall be 5th.

Similarly, where 2 cats are tied on points in 4th place, then there will be no 5th place award in that section.

A gala luncheon is then held for the express purpose of handing out these most coveted awards to the "Top 5 Cats and Kittens of the Year".

The awards are much sought after by exhibitors, and it has been known for the final outcome to hinge on the results of the very last show of the year.


Point Scorers for 2021:

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