Social Media Policy




This policy is designed to protect the interests of NSW Cat Fanciers Association Inc (NSW CFA), its employees, members and workers (including voluntary workers). To this end, when engaging in social media, NSW CFA expects all persons to consider that they are representatives of NSW CFA and to take responsibility for ensuring that any references to NSW CFA, its activities or its members, are accurate and comply with all of NSW CFA's rules, procedures and codes of conduct.

What is social media?

Social media is online media that allows for interaction and/or participation. It is any online communication or activity where people can share information about, or that might impact on, NSW CFA, its members or members of any affiliated bodies who use our services or participate in any events run by NSW CFA or any of our affiliated bodies. Social Media includes, but is not limited to:


       *     Social networking sites - eg Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Pinterest, Linkedin, Google Plus, Yammer;
  •        *     Video, slide and photo sharing websites and applications - eg Youtube, Flickr, Slideshare, Instagram, Snapchat, Vine, Tumblr;
  •        *     Blogs, including corporate and personal blogs - eg SharePoint;
    •        *     Microblogging sites - eg Twitter, Tumblr, Wordpress;
  •        *     Wiki's and online collaborations - eg Wikipedia;
  •        *     Forums, discussion boards and groups - eg Google Groups, Facebook Groups, Whirlpool;
  •        *     VOD and podcasting - eg SoundCloud; and
  •        *     Mobile applications and texting.


Who does this policy apply to?

This policy applies to all members, volunteers, employees and exhibitors of NSW CFA.


Whenever NSW CFA members, workers (including voluntary workers), employees and exhibitors interact on social media, in either an official or personal capacity, and in relation to activities concerning the cat fancy, the following guidelines must be followed:

*     Ensure that you are aware of who you are representing - it is important that readers of your posts do not misconstrue your personal comments as representing an official NSW CFA position;

*      Abide by the Constitution, Procedures and Codes of Ethics of NSW CFA;

*      Act in a way that falls within community expectations of good and appropriate manners;

*    Be polite and respectful to NSW CFA, its members, employees, workers (including voluntary workers), affiliates and other associated parties - including judges and workers;

*     Do not criticise, disparage, or make derogatory or negative comments about NSW CFA, its members, workers (including voluntary workers), employees, affiliates, domestic or international judges - either expressly or impliedly;

*     Respond to others views respectfully;

*     Do not harass, bully or intimidate;

*     Do not make negative or adverse comments about the exhibits of another exhibitor or member of NSW CFA or any of its affiliates;

*    Obtain written permission from NSW CFA before using the NSW CFA logo or posting any content on a social media platform or using any IT services to make statements or comments on behalf of NSW CFA or which might be construed as representing a position of or view held by NSW CFA;

*   Respect copyright, privacy, financial disclosure and other applicable laws;

*   Obtain permission from a judge prior to videoing judging at a show. Such permission may be by way of a general request prior to the commencement of judging;

*   Obtain written permission from NSW CFA or any judge whose photo or video you plan to publish on social media. Such request and permission may be given by email; and

*   Do not bring NSW CFA into disrepute or otherwise attract negative publicity.


While social media provides an excellent opportunity to share knowledge, celebrate successes and learn about the cat fancy, misuse of social media can have serious consequences for NSW CFA, its employees, workers (including voluntary workers) and members, and cause considerable distress.

All reports of misuse of social media or contravention of this policy and guidelines will be investigated and disciplinary action may be taken in accordance with the Rules of NSW CFA Inc that relate to disciplinary action.

This policy has a commencement date of 1 June 2017